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Located in southwestern Europe, Spain’s topography is quite varied with everything from northern flower-filled meadows, lush valleys, and majestic mountains to stunning white-sand beaches in the South.

Spanish history and architecture are quite intriguing due to the many cultures that have had an influence on its formation – Roman, Arab, Celtic, and other cultures have all left their mark on the country. When travelers envision Spain, they think of its architecture, bullfighting, Flamenco, tapas, paintings, and friendly locals, but Spain is also full of castles, Roman ruins, stunning cathedrals, ancient monasteries, traditional Manchego cheese producers, vineyards, and 40 UNESCO World Heritage sites.

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Infuse Your Travel to Spain with Enriching Experiences!

  • Visit the Catalan countryside for a tour of Montserrat with wine tasting and a multi-course dinner
  • Learn how to cook traditional, regional Spanish food with a local
  • Bakery tours and tastings!
  • Learn about the wines of Spain during a Spanish wine tour
  • Tour Córdoba’s most beautiful private gardens during this festival that occurs each May. Witness the beautiful cruces—giant flower crosses—that are placed around the city’s churches and enjoy the lively atmosphere with music, regional foods and dancing
  • Explore the medieval city of Girona and the scenic Costa Brava
  • Wander the cobblestone streets of Pals, a former fortress and medieval village
  • Explore the Roman ruins of Italica that date back to 206 A.D and see the amphitheater, thermal baths, and impressive mosaics
  • Learn the art of Flamenco dancing during a lesson with a professional instructor
  • Follow in the footsteps of Picasso, Gaudi, El Greco and other artists
  • Find out why Ronda is the third most visited town in Andalusia and visit its impressive gorge, walking its trail to get an intimate view
  • Sail to the Spanish islands of Ibiza and Formentera by private charter where you can visit the islands’ secluded beaches and bays, snorkel and swim
  • Hike or ski Spain’s Pyrenees mountains traveling through quaint villages and encountering stunning vistas
  • Horseback ride, golf, hike and enjoy an active vacation
  • Venture to Timanfaya National Park and see its three volcanos on a 4×4 adventure
  • Enjoy a bike tour of Barcelona, Madrid, Malaga, San Sebastian, Seville, etc.
  • Off-the-beaten-path travel to Spain, highlighting lesser-known regions for authentic experiences.
  • and more! There are so many possibilities for a truly memorable vacation.

How may  I help you visit the best places to visit in Spain?

Sample Trip Ideas

*The following are simply trip itineraries that have been planned for others traveling to Spain. I’m happy to design an itinerary based solely on your own vision, which  of course is my area of expertise.

Revel in the beauty of the northeast coast of Spain on this memorable vacation!

You will explore the history and culture of Barcelona before venturing to the monastery of Montserrat; perched atop these majestic mountains, the monastery provides one of the most outstanding views in Catalonia. This vacation also allows time at the lovely beaches and towns of Costa Brava.

The Best of Catalonia Highlights:

– Barcelona tapas tour with ample tastings  and/or a cooking class of regional Spanish specialties
– Follow in the footsteps of Gaudi and discover the lesser-known treasures of Barcelona
– Hike Montserrat and enjoy the breathtaking views or take the cable car and relax while soaking in the splendor.
– Explore Montserrat’s Benedictine abbey founded in the 11th-century and still in operation today.
– End your Spain vacation relaxing on the white sand beaches of Costa Brava! Marvel at the turquoise blue-green water and nearby rock formations. You can enjoy gorgeous nature walks, set sail on a sunset cruise and treat yourself to traditional Catalonian cuisine, ocean side at numerous locally-owned restaurants.

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Why settle for run-of-the-mill hotels when you can sleep steeped in history? Paradores are historic accommodations located within restored castles, monasteries, convents, fortresses, manor houses and palaces!

These unique hotels are located in some of the most stunning corners of the Iberian Peninsula and provide travelers a chance to deepen their historic discoveries while enjoying local cuisine and wine.

Customize your Paradors of Spain Vacation:

– Private walking tours that run the gamut from history-focused to culinary extravaganzas and palace and garden related
– Flamenco dance lessons and shows
– Religious explorations including Toledo’s Sinagoga del Tránsito. This magnificent synagogue was built in 1355 and now houses a museum that features the history of Jewish culture in Spain
– Witness the architectural and painting splendor of Saint Mary’s Cathedral where you’ll view the impressive sacristía (sacristy), which contains a gallery with paintings by masters such as El Greco, Zurbarán, Caravaggio, Titian, Raphael and Velázquez.
– Visit the lovely town of Jaén (khah-AYN) and its Santa Catalina castle surrounded by olive groves (Jaén accounts for a third of Spain’s olive oil production).
– Travel to Ronda and see why it’s the third most visited town in Andalusia! One of the best things about Ronda is its impressive gorge with walking trails that provide stunning views.

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Andalusia is a land bursting with life!

Flamenco dancing and guitar  are part of the history and fabric of this area. The characteristic white villages of southern Spain are bound to please with their vast array of charm, architecture, unique cuisine, World Heritage sites and friendly, lively locals.

Villages of Andalusia Trip Highlights:

– A private tour of Seville Cathedral—one of the largest Gothic cathedrals in the world. The cathedral boasts intricate detail in 80 chapels including masterpieces by Goya and Murillo, stunning stained-glass windows, as well as what locals claim to be the remains of Christopher Columbus!
– A tapas and desert cooking class including a visit to the food market where you will select fresh ingredients.
– Spanish wine tasting paired with artisan produce, including local olive oil and delicious charcuterie.
– Visit the Royal Andalucian School of Equestrian Art, where you’ll discover how the famous Andalucian horses learn to dance.
– Travel to Ronda, which was founded by the Romans; this town overlooks a deep gorge allowing stunning vistas and features one of Spain’s oldest bullrings.
– Explore Granada and choose to visit Andalusia’s most iconic sights—the Alhambra fortress—southern Spain’s 1000-year-old Moorish palace of incredible architecture and art.
–  Your travel ends in what was once the largest city in Europe: Córdoba. You may choose to tour this history city uncovering the many layers of its fascinating history or explore the Roman bridge across the river and the local Museum of Andalusian Life.
– The end of your spectacular Spain vacation should include a day to relax at an outdoor café; there are so many local favorites I can recommend!

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Travel to Spain’s capital city of Madrid and enjoy the highlights of southern Spain during this multi-experience vacation!

This trip nicely pairs a city-center experience with time traveling on the Spanish rails through lovely countryside. You’ll vacation amid olive groves, sherry producers, windmills, castles, orange trees and plentiful festivals!

Madrid and Southern Spain Highlights:

– A private art and history tour of Madrid where you’ll learn that this city’s origins began in the Lower Paleolithic age!
– Indulge in a gourmet food tour where you’ll visit markets, trendy restaurants popular with the locals and sample  regional foods.
– Sightseeing from above with an optional hot-air balloon ride over the surrounding countryside.
– Explore Cordoba’s UNESCO World Heritage site, the fortress that was once the home of Ferdinand and Isabella. The fortress  has beautiful gardens that should be enjoyed as well.
– Travel to Seville where you’ll delight in the city’s architecture, monuments, gardens, Flamenco festivals, Museum of Fine Arts, medieval Jewish quarter and so much more.
– The last stop of your travels brings you to gorgeous Granada located at the foot of the Sierra Nevada mountains and at the confluence of four rivers. You may choose to tour the impressive 1,000-year-old Moorish palace, Granada’s spectacular cathedral, take a cooking class, or partake in an excursion to a nearby village.

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In keeping with my interest in cultural and historic experiences I can’t leave this one out!

There are many Running of the Bulls festivals throughout Spain and the smaller, lesser-known festivals can be enjoyed as well as the larger, more well-known festival in Pamplona.

Running of the Bulls Highlights:

– If we arrange for travel to Pamplona you will have a spectacular spot for watching all the action! Your balcony  will overlook the historic streets of Old Town where you won’t miss a thing.
– Narration and light refreshments will accompany your viewing.
– After the run you may explore Pamplona and look forward to the festivities that accompany each year’s run including food, music and dancing.

Why not extend your stay to one of the surrounding cities or villages?

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Looking for a Caribbean-like vacation but within Europe? Try staying at an all-inclusive resort in Ibiza !

Ibiza is one of the Balearic Islands off the coast of Spain. Ibiza is very popular and this trip features an off-the-beaten-path hotel location. If you like the option to be in the center of activity yet not sleeping in the middle of all the action, then this package is for you.

I can recommend a lovely beachfront property, spectacular restaurants and historical sites including the island’s UNESCO-certified old town.

Please note: I don’t cater to those looking for a spring-break like vacation; this vacation package is for travelers looking to experience the traditional, historical aspects of Ibiza while having access to all the activity.

* Hotel accommodations, meals, beverages and snacks included in package at an excellent hotel away from the hustle and bustle; this location will allow moments of relaxation, quiet discovery and action when wanted!

Interested? Let’s customize a package!

Travel to Spain for ancestry discoveries!

Highlights of Spain’s Jewish Heritage:

– Your Jewish heritage tour begins in the Catalonian city of Barcelona where you will visit the former medieval Jewish quarter along with other sites of this beloved city.
– Traveling onward you will venture to the charming medieval village of Besalu where a 12th-century mikvah (ritual Jewish bath) can be seen; these mikvah are quite rare in Europe with only three remaining from the same period.
– Your next stop is Girona dating from the Middle Ages and boasting the best preserved Jewish quarter in Spain. Girona’s main street was once a Roman road and traveling down it will lead you to Bonastruc Ca Porta Center, which recreates Jewish life through art, music and food tastings.
– Girona also features a museum of Jewish culture and a library that contains medieval Jewish manuscripts.
– The additional cities and villages you will visit include Segovia, Toledo, Cordoba, Seville and Costa del Sol.

A complete itinerary is available upon request and can be 100% customized, which is my area of expertise!

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Discover the north of Spain including beautiful Rioja on this delightful food and wine tour of Spain! Sample  traditional recipes cooked the authentic way while enjoying some of the best wines Spain has to offer.
Food and Wine Lover’s Tour of Spain Highlights:
-Visit a family-run “txacolí” wine cellar with tasting
-Tour a local cheese producer with 6 tastings
-Food-based walking tour of San Sebastián
-Visit two Rioja wine cellars
-Explore fortified medieval villages & castles
-Tour León’s almost 2,000 years of history
-Enjoy a hands-on cooking class learning regional specialties and much more!
-San Sebastián
-Small villages of the Rioja region
-Valladolid (and the castle of Peñafiel)
This is a handcrafted itinerary with our local team in Spain that can be customized per request. Let’s get planning!

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