Bella Europa Travel specializes in travel design for custom vacation packages. 

My  travel agency was born out of a desire to assist people with experiencing  authentic Europe (and beyond). Each custom vacation package is hand-crafted based upon my clients’ budget, travel interests and preferences; for this reason I consider myself a travel designer or travel advisor – opposed to a traditional travel agent. I truly enjoy helping others experience Europe and the world beyond!

Although my specialty as a travel advisor is custom vacation packages, I’m also able to assist with group tours; If you are interested in joining an organized, escorted tour I  can assist with selecting the best company and itinerary to suit your needs.

My Services

Who Benefits?

  • Travelers in search of an experiential European vacation that goes above and beyond traditional sightseeing.
  • Busy individuals who do not have the proper amount of time to research and craft their own well-thought out vacation.
  • Travelers who prefer a professional’s opinion and expert guidance.
  • Travelers interested in a variety of locations. I can assist with travel to well-known European cities, smaller, lesser-known villages, countryside or alpine locations, European river cruises, small ship cruising, yacht charters, houseboat rentals, etc. In addition, I’ve worked in general worldwide travel for 10+ years and can easily and expertly prepare custom vacation pacakges anywhere in the world. My Europe-bound clients enjoy traveling elsewhere too! I am always happy and fully able to assist with all types of travel no matter the destination.
  • Couples, families, friends, honeymooners, small groups, solo travelers, destination weddings – you name it!
  • My travel design services are best suited for those  looking to plan in advance; this ensures that enough time is allotted to properly plan a truly amazing trip. If you’re looking for a weekend getaway or a standard vacation package I can often assist with shorter notice. Always feel free to ask!


  • I have relationships with reputable specialty travel suppliers within Europe, the U.S. and worldwide.
  • The benefit of these relationships? The benefits that comes from long-term relationships, expertise and vetted guides (not all guides are properly licensed). I have access to highly specialized trip components  – as well as traditional tours – that when combined with my own expertise, results in a stellar trip experience for you!

The Result?

  • Custom vacation packages to Europe and beyond brimming with local flavor!
  • Travel to Europe or beyond that is a direct reflection of you and your likes and dislikes.
  • Access to  expert advice, tips and recommendations from myself and my local team of native travel partners.
  • Professionally arranged travel from specialists who dedicate their full day, year after year to custom vacation planning. Let us pass on to you our tips and tricks of the trade!
  • Truly special memories to last a lifetime.

Don’t just scratch the surface! Engage with your destination.

Real Life Examples of How This Works

  • You fill out my travel request form with as much detail as possible
  • A working relationship develops as I discover your travel preferences and your personality – the more I know about you, where you’ve been, and your travel desires the better your trip can be!
  • Travel design begins
  • The trip is decided upon and payment is applied
  • Trip prep and fun discussions continue!
  • Over time, the more we work together the more the client/friend relationship is established the more and more enriching your travel experience becomes. For example, I may discover a small undiscovered village, a restaurant specializing in your favorite food, a local festival, an artisan shop, hidden beach, etc. and share this information with you, tucking it away in your file for future travel purposes. Just some benefits of working with an individual travel designer!


“Lisa, we think you are wonderful to work with. You are knowledgeable, professional, caring, thorough and sensitive to the needs of your clients. You spent a lot of time with us and we appreciate all of your effort.”

– Bill

My Story

As a young child I was fascinated by my Italian grandparents’ and great grandmother’s accents. I loved listening to my nonno speak and remember curling up with my treasured nonna and practicing Italian, asking her how to pronounce a bevy of different words. The lyrical sound of the Italian being spoken was pure joy to me and I dreamt of being there, what it would be like to not only travel to Italy, but to live there. After graduating college, I worked as a travel agent while looking for a job in my field of study, and then it happened—I became smitten by travel, exploring the world, seeing creation laid out before me in unimaginable ways that an arm-chair traveler could never fully comprehend. During those first two years I traveled to Italy twice and various other European countries, such as France, the French island of Corsica, Spain, including Majorca, Germany and Switzerland and forgot all about that job I was supposed to be seeking. There was no other thing to do but turn those fleeting moments of delight and wonder during my travel adventures into everyday living. Those moments living in Italy and traveling Europe from a local’s perspective were immeasurably impactful. Opening an agency that specializes in travel design to Italy and Europe as a whole was the only fitting thing to do. I was a young twenty-something and ready to forge my own path in life; now, here I am, a young forty-something, with a lot of life lived in the meantime, and that initial travel excitement I experienced is ever-present. Helping others experience the same delight and wonder that our big, beautifully created, gift-of-a world elicits, brings incredible happiness to me. May I help you find the Italy and Europe I know and love? I’d be honored.

I’m happy to have been a featured travel advisor in past issues of Travelers’ Tales books!

Where would you like to travel?

Experience your destination like a local, not a tourist!