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Are you a Connecticut traveler? If you are located within Southern Connecticut and are interested in an in-person travel consultation, please make your appointment and I will be delighted to meet you!

Travel Talks for Southern CT Residents

I am also available to host fun informational talks for small groups interested in traveling to Europe. Depending upon your travel interests  I will provide information on  specially-crafted European tours, European river cruises or villa rentals for your group!

During our travel talk I will share the wide-variety of vacation experiences that are possible. We will discuss your European country of choice, the main travel goals of the group and determine what types of travel experiences are best. My talk will be complimented by either a slideshow of pictures and/or a video along with refreshments of course! If this sounds like something you would like, please fill out the following form:

What country/countries are you interested in learning more about?

How many people will attend?

Are there any food allergies in your group?

Please enter at least 2 dates you are available to schedule our talk

Do you have a target vacation date?

Will this event be adult-only or involve children?

Are you flexible on the town and location for our travel talk?